Signatory Commitment

Signatories make the following pledge:

“Achieving gender equity in the workplace is important to our business and community and we pledge to be part of the solution.”

After the pledge, what does being a signatory entail?

Signatories have the flexibility to choose the best practices and methods of engagement that fit their needs. Signatories:

  • Choose at least three best practices to focus on in your organization, and respond to semi-annual, qualitative surveys about your progress. (These surveys do not collect company data).
  • Make a three-year financial sponsorship to fund the non-profit effort to close the local wage gap.
  • Send at least one employee to 100% Talent’s quarterly workshops focused on best practices (you’re welcome to send more than one!).
  • Receive opportunities to speak at community events such as Strike Out the Gap, Wage Gap Summit, and other Women’s Funding Alliance events.